Defend Religious Liberty – Vote NO on Prop 8

We urge Seventh-day Adventists in the State of California to vote “no” on Proposition 8, a ballot initiative titled “Eliminates Right of Same-sex Couples to Marry,” on November 4. We also urge the Seventh-day Adventist Church State Council to rescind its support for this Proposition.

We believe that this Proposition, which would amend the California State Constitution to define marriage as only “between a man and a woman,” breaches the spirit of religious liberty, separation of church and state, and non-establishment of religion that Adventists have long cherished.  By supporting this Proposition to define marriage from a religious perspective, many, including the Church State Council, are in danger of imposing their particular religious, theological convictions upon the general public.

Adventists in the United States have historically defended the concerns of minority groups (even when they have disagreed with them on specific positions and practices) and have strongly objected to the use of religious arguments and means for establishing even what they consider to be public good (such the establishment of “blue laws” to fight widespread alcohol consumption on Sundays or the institution of prayer time in public schools). Adventists, as a people of faith and prophecy who have given special attention to apocalyptic events outlined in Revelation 13 and 14, have always advocated the safeguarding of rights of individuals and groups — even when we have disagreed with them — and the non-intrusion of overtly religious language and rationale in the formation or alteration of public policy.

We believe that Proposition 8 can lead California — and the rest of the nation because of the significance of the state — down a highly troublesome and dangerous road toward religious definitions and arguments becoming a key part in shaping public policy, especially in matters that deal with private practices and rights of individuals.

While individual Adventists will hold a diversity of views on same-sex marriage and the role of religion in public life, all Adventists ought to consider carefully the serious religious liberty and church-state implications that Proposition 8 presents.  We urge the Church State Council to rescind its support for Proposition 8.  We encourage Adventists in California to vote “NO” on Proposition 8.


Please share this with your family and friends too. Non-California endorsers are welcome!

(We encourage all the signers to provide their full names.)

To learn more visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Prop 8.

You can also watch (and share) our new Adventists Against Prop 8 PSA.


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