The Final 2 Days

We are down to the wire on this election. Proposition 8 is still one of the most important decisions Californians will make on Tuesday. Happily, our website, Adventists Against Prop 8, has generated 1036 signatures as of this posting and our Facebook group has grown to 682 members. But there is more work to do. The race is very close (50% NO, 47% YES, 3% UNDECIDED) You can see the most recent polling numbers here.

There have been massive amounts of money and effort spent to convince you to vote one way or the other. So, as you are making your final decisions, here are a couple of things to consider and share with your family and friends.

1. The YES on 8 campaign has used fear and misinformation to convince you to vote YES, amending the California State Constitution to eliminate the rights of same sex couples to marry. The Los Angeles Times had a great editorial this morning detailing these lies and slight of hand. You can read it here.

2. Many conservatives are voting NO on Prop 8, so if you know people who lean conservative in their politics, arguments like this one, might make a difference.

3. Prominent Republicans have change their mind, including the Mayor of San Diego. Watch this very emotional press conference and pass it along to others you know.

4. Finally, for a review of how events have transpired for Adventists for and against Prop 8, check out this summary from Julius Nam’s blog.


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